Kodak Medalist II - 1946-1953

Weighing in at about three pounds or 1.36kg, this would be the ideal camera to bring to an alley fight. Kodak made some of the lightest and flimsiest cameras on Earth. It's incongruous that they put The Medalist together. It's built like a brick bathroom.

The rangefinder and viewfinder share the same window. The lever on the right cocks the shutter.

The 100mm f3.5 Ektar is "Lumenized." Top shutter speed is 1/400 and the lens stops down to f32.

The Medalist II has lots of dials and knobs and gears and buttons and numbers and screws and stuff.
It's a man's camera.

6x9's on 620 film.



Bench detail


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Arista EDU 400 at ASA 200 in HC110(H) for eight minutes