argus c3 Matchmatic c1958-1966

Lookit' all them dials, gears and levers.

There are zillions of C3's in the world and the ones I've seen are usually in pretty good shape. I think people were intimidated by the complex look of the camera and didn't use theirs much. Matchmatics are frequently pristine like this one. The complex method of setting shutter speeds and lens openings based on the hot shoe mounted meter must have frightened away users. The rangefinder window is hard to use and the lever used to cock the shutter is in a nutty place. It's a painfully slow camera to use. Even advancing the film requires the user to push a button before turning the wheel to get to the next frame. If you turn the wheel too hard, you'll rip the film sprocket holes.

The brick has the same molecular density as lead. There is no doubt that you could use the camera to drive nails or provide ballast for an aircraft carrier.

The leather case is stitched with heavy thread befitting the overall rugged nature of the c3. I think it's a very cool camera.