March 4 - 1:19 pm
Thus far, March has been bitter cold in Massachusetts. Too cold
for old cameras and photographers. Today my photo activities were
confined to the house.

I kept it simple and metered off a grey card. I used the manufacturer
rated film speed and normal development. Arista EDU 100. All photos were done at f16.
The camera was a Crown Graphic with a Kodak Ektar, f4.5 101mm lens and 6x9 roll film adapter.

Cellar Door

I placed the grey card at the base of the door. The light came from windows to the left. This scene
has has a healthy range of "zones"and the film captured them well.


Grey card was placed atop the wall hanging. You can tell
because I negelected to straighten the hanging after
I removed the card. There's a window directly to the rear of
this scene.