Skylark - c.1963

    Easy going and lighthearted performance is what you'd expect from a camera named "Skylark." The perfect camera for a weekend at the lake. Something to take photos of breezy summer days with. The manufacturer - Mansfield Holiday, made only two cameras. The Skylark and The Skylark V. I wonder what happened to II, III and IV.

I I grabbed this one because it had a case, it was seven dollars and I liked the Skylark name.

I was also drawn to the Mantar lens. Even though this was not a serious camera, it was clearly a manly camera and it even had a serial number.

Pick a film speed from the chart and transfer that number to the lens and you're ready.

There's nothing else to do but hit the shutter.


Tobacco barns - Hadley MA.

Moonset at sunrise - Belchertown MA.

Morning snow - Belchertown MA.

Grange and oak - Ludlow MA.

Auto parts store - Belchertown MA.