Exakta VX IIb
Ihagee made some of the most beautiul cameras ever constructed and this is the first one I ever owned. It made its way to me from Australia. Sent to me through the extreme generosity of an internet contact from down under.

It seems that classic camera fans are a giving breed and we're friends even though we've never met.

This Exakta is equipped with an f 2.8 50mm  C.Z. Jena T lens. The camera is an amazing piece of work and beautifully finished.

We had a late winter snow last night. Wet flakes covered the trees and bright sun showed in the morning. Liz took this shot of me under a snow laden white birch.

Behind the House

Firecut at Quabbin

Looking North From Gate 3A at Quabbin

Quabbin freezes in stages. It's a big body of water and open areas often stay ice free due to water movement from wind. This is the southern-most section of The Big Lady and north winds often keep it ice free.

Last years Oak Leaves

Rhododendron Leaves and Flower Bud

Arista 200 film. Special thanks to Manfred Feuser from The Land Down Under.