Lubitel 166B - GOMZ Leningrad USSR - c1988

In a few years The Wall would fall and with it The Soviet Union. The free world rejoiced and had a few years to relax before things got to the state that they are today. The Lubitel 166B is part of a legendary family of TLR's. I think the family features true collectors items.

There's no arguing that these cameras straddle the line between real cameras and toy cameras. They are light as a pickpocket's touch and more tolerant than a Democrat.

For a few bucks, you too can become a medium format photog. You'll wonder how you got such sharp shots from a toy.


Masonry Silos - Belchertown MA (yellow filter)

Reclamation -Colrain MA

Shelburne Falls - MA

Twin Suns Light Leak - Colrain MA

Kodak Tri-x rated at ASA 200 - HC110(b) for five minutes