The UPS man delivered a package from Australia today. Wayne sent it to me, promising its contents would be crappy.

I almost cut off a finger opening the damn thing. That man knows how to package.

Here's the jewel that was inside. It's a "Light Super !"

Light Super c1960 - Light Optical Works, Japan

Light Optical made only one camera and it's a classy one. Check out the fake rangefinder windows. Really well designed deception.  The camera uses 127 film

That's a 70mm "Uera" lens and that's a bent nail at the bottom right.

There's a Light Optical Works operating in Japan today. Here's their website.

They manufacture
"hight class binoculars, riflescopes and sporting scopes."

You can take pictures of red gears. Green circles and photos of people caught in big tires.

Hooked up and ready to shoot.

****   *****    ****** ********

This old ambulance sat in the woods in Granby Massachusetts for many years.  The owner of an auto repair shop bought it and it's been on his lot for a while. It was put together in 1953. It has a 327 cubic inch Packard Tornado straight eight engine. There are medicine cabinets in the back and the floor is covered in linoleum.

The guy on the right bought this old lady hoping to make a couple of bucks. He did a good job of trying to sell me the car.  Lots of stories, I'm sure.

Hay rake and clover. Granby MA

Manny's Restaraunt - Granby MA

Efke 100 in HC110

Thanks a lot, Wayne.