Konica I (1950 type)

The Konica was "Made in Occupied Japan" from 1948 - 1950. The lens-mounted  synch-post  makes mine a 1950 model.
It came from a junk store in Maine.

Shown here sporting a Konihood, I took the Konica out in my neighborhood.

The Konica 1 has a collapsible, f2.8 Hexar lens set in a Konirapid shutter with a top speed of 1/500 sec.
As you can see, a Maine carpenter used the camera to drive nails.

When I bought the camera the shutter shutter blades were frozen and the oddball film advance system didn't work.
The front lens element screws off so a bit of Ronsol and graphite freed up the shutter blades.

I took off the top of the camera and used a punch and hammer to straighten out the rangefinder housing. This brought the
film advance thing into alignment.

The rangefinder worked fine even before my sheet metal work.


The Hexar is clean but produces weird effects around highlights. If I was a Leica guy
I guess I'd call it "bokeh."

Things are tough for plastic Flamingos in Massachusetts these days.

Cemetery gate

Door into Laurie's church

American iron

Arista 200