Kiev 4

This particular Kiev 4 was assembled in 1960 and is as solid as a rock. The 50mm Jupiter 8 is clean and clear. The shutter is quiet and speeds are accurate. As far as I'm concerned it is a Contax.

The meter responds to light but I don't use it. I'm an adherent to the sunny 16 rule. The camera is nicely finished and a real pleasure to use. I love the little focus wheel on the top-right of the camera. The viewfinder is bright and easy to use. If you're debating the purchase of a Kiev, debate no longer. Get yourself an older Kiev and have fun.

The railroad still runs through part of my town but most of the old lines are gone. This crossing sign sits at the edge of a lake and bears the scars of decades of abuse by kids with rocks.

Sunrise and dying snow.

The sky was clear above and a heavy fog greeted the sunrise. The low sun gave the scene a swiftly vanishing reddish tint.

Steel silo and barn - Hadley MA

Hadley barns

Fading light

Kodak Gold 200