Kodak Bullet Camera 1936-1942

"Common, inexpensive, yet novel"

This old bird has a fixed focus lens in a screw-out mount. The button on the right side of the mount is pulled out for "B" exposures. The film advance ratchets like a Baby Brownie. It uses 127 film.

The camera had a roll of film in it. It was blank.

I loaded the camera with a roll of Efke 100 and shot a few frames before the film  got really hard to advance. I thought about abandoning the rest of the roll but instead I forced the film advance knob with my massive strength.

A few frames into the forcing, the film began to move easily again. I thought all was fine until I went into the darkoom and found that the film had torn.

I couldn't get the film onto a reel, so I processed it in trays. The results are uh, interesting.

Not only had I torn the film, but I stretched it before it broke. Cool, huh ?