Kodak Junior. Six-20, Series II

There are so many old folders that are in wonderful condition. I can only conclude that the daunting process of shutter speed and lens opening forced these old timers into closets and similar storage spaces.

The old timer pictured above used 620 film and produced 6x9 cm images by light squeezed through an f6.3, 100mm anastigmat lens.
My spell checker doesn't approve of the word "anastigmat."

Sometimes I leave it open even when I'm not winding.

- - - -

The character of the town in which I've lived for twenty years has changed. Trees have become two by fours and farms are now sub divisions.
These photos were taken in a house that's under construction in such a place.

I don't know why, but using a camera that's older than I am, to photograph places, that people, whose notion of photography centers around their cell phones, will one day live, is satisfying to me.

Arista  EDU 400 in HC110(h)