Imperial Box 6x6 S by Braun - Nuremberg, Germany 1951-1954

Many of the cameras I come across are in perfect condition. That's the case with this Imperial by Braun. I don't think this camera was ever used before I got my hands on it.

There was a wooden spool in the take-up position and the leather strap is supple. There isn't a mark anywhere on the camera.

Braun made a few models based on the design of The Imperial Box 6x6 S.  The Nimco, The Reporter an Imperial Box 6x6 S with an art deco face like the Nimco, an
Imperial Box 6x6 V and  The Simco.  Fascinating, ain't it ?

I have a Nimco to go along with my Imperial Box 6x6 S.

How to load the roll film ?

Doors make good photographic subjects. They have an air of mystery and transition about them. You wonder what lies on the other side.


Arista EDU Ultra 400