Encore Camera CO. Hollywood CA.

Mister Encore knew about recycling fifty years ago. This cardboard beauty is 100% recycleable.

Twelve GIANT SIZE enlargements cost you a dollar-twenty five (plus six cents postage.) The folks at Encore suggest you wrap a quarter in a dollar as payment. They discouraged payment in pennies, I'll bet.

Never open the camera. Film can only be taken out at their plant.

The big arrow shows, in no uncertain terms, that this slot is where you stick your dough. There's a notice to the postmaster stating that this package may be opened for postal inspection if necessary. I have two problems with that. The instructions state that the "camera can only be opened at our factory." What the hell ?  Secondly, if the postmaster opens the camera will he do it in a darkroom ? If not, what about the pictures ? Some kid will have a broken heart if the postmaster gets nosy.

Why can't you use an Airmail stamp when sending ordinary mail to P.O Box 208, Hollywood 28, Calif. ? I wonder who owns that P.O. Box today ?

Isn't that a classy covering ? Sort of like snakeskin/leather/television snow. If you look at it long enough it will appear to crawl.

My Hollywood is still on frame #1 and I'll never use the camera. Although I would like to open it. I don't like being told what not to do.

Encore made three cameras. Two Hollywoods and an Encore Deluxe. They're all the same camera with different coverings. I'm amazed that mine survived fifty years and still looks good. I wish I could say the same thing for me.

Please recycle.