When someone mentions the names of certain cameras you immediately asscociate that name with
something about that camera. You know, like if someone says "Holga" you think of razor sharp lenses
and fine fit and finish. Someone says "Leica" you think of snooty, over-priced, under-performing
hyped up bokeh.

When someone says "Herco-Flex to me (a frequent occurrence,) I think of "stinky camera."

The Herco-Flex stinks ! I mean it smells awful. Something like a cheese and polyvinyl chloride
barbecue.  In the unlikely case that you don't have a Herco-Flex already, you should hunt one down
and buy it, whatever the cost.

The film chamber is the source of the toxicity. I believe you could end wars with the smell. Or maybe
start one.

Herco-Flex film chamber and stink lines. I did not add the stink lines. They are naturally occurring.

While it may look like somethings missing here, there isn't. Old Herby and George saved a couple of bucks by not bothering to cover the viewfinder.

Herbert Weil and George Israel ran Herbert George Company and Imperial Camera Corp. They were prolific camera manufacturers. They used nearly forty model names for a handful of cameras.

In all fairness to the Hercoflex I must tell you, before you judge the results too harshly, that I loaded
the camera with a trimmed down spool of 120 film. The 120 fit very tightly and I had to use considerable
 force to advance the film between frames.

My heavy handedness caused some minor problems with film flatness and scratching. I imagine the results would have been spectacular had I not been to lazy to re-spool to a 620 spool.


- - Bowling Ball Sunset

Four by six prints are available for $7,000 - unframed.