The Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash is one of Kodak's most successful cameras. It had an eleven year production run (1950 - 1961.)
Although it's a cheap camera, it certainly has style.
The camera will take 120 film but you need a 620 spool on the takeup side.

Before using the camera pictured above, I took it apart to clean the lens and lens cover. When I put it back together, I inadvertently reversed the lens. I've done this on purpose
before but this was an accident.

After I processed the film and realized what I'd done, I put the lens back in the correct position and shot another roll. The Hawkeye Flash is an excellent performer. All things considered.

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The Wandering Bowling Ball (16 pound species)

Old Bench in Late November



Photo by E.F.G.

Old Bench - Looking Northwest

Late Sunlight on Reeds

Artista EDU 200 in HC110(H) for nine minutes.