The Hawk-eye No.2 model B
By Kodak
I bought this old girl because it had an exposed roll of Verichrome Pan in it. The cameras were made from 1924 - 1934. They are as simple as you can get.

I processed the film in XTOL 1:3 for 15 minutes. The film was in pretty bad shape. It was stuck to the backing paper in places and badly curled.
These are not ladies from the 20's or 30's. I'm guessin' this is the 50's and that Hawkeye was still working. Too much skin showing for the 30's.
Pants on a woman ?
This is the lady wearing the choker in photo number one. She's the photographers favorite I think. I'm sure the person behind the camera was a man.
That's a horses ass in the background.
Blonde lady riding horse in photo number two. I think that's the lady with the choker behind the horse.
I wish the guy had held the camera still for this shot. I recognize that look despite my advanced age and the blurred nature of the shot. Those are very short shorts.

Lot's of blondes in these shots. Did you notice ?
There's a sadness to all of these "found films" that I bring to life. I always wonder why they didn't get processed until the 21st century.

Of course I wonder who these people are and if any of them are still breathing. It'd be great to get these old shots to the families that posed for them so long ago but that's impossible. The cameras always come from Ebay or some tag sale. No one knows the owners.

Anyway, at least you and I saw them.