Goldixette - by Goldammer

This is kind of an oddball camera. Made by Gerhard Goldammer in Germany in the mid-1950's. It's not listed in McKeown's. There were similar cameras made by Goldammer.  The Goldi, the Goldeck and of course the GuGo.

Manufacturers of cheap cameras often used whatever was left over from the previous run of cameras for cameras in the current run. My mint Goldixette has an Acro Gauthier shutter with shutter speeds of 1/25 and 1/75 and a range focussing Gugomat (yes Gugomat) 75mm f7.7 - f11 lens. Distances are marked in feet and meters.

The lens telescopes for use and the lens tube is nicely polished. It fits 120 film just fine. That's the shutter release sticking out at about ten o'clock.



Storm coming

Six below zero at sunrise. It warmed up to four above by ten. There's a Nor'easter coming so I took Goldie for a hike.

There's a certain greyness when there's a winter storm gathering in New England. The light is flat. There are no shadows.

We wait for the storm with aged resignation.

The first snowflakes quietly fall.

Then they fall with a purpose

"Aged" Kodak T-Max 400 in Accutol 1:10 - all photos at 1/75 sec. f7.7