As about as utilitarian as it gets. The Pioneer is an early 1940's glorified box camera. It takes 616 film and really doesn't interest me unless there's a roll of film in it.

Often I'll receive a camera that has film in it only to find it's color film that must be processed in some forgotten chemistry. Not all of my finds work out.

Loading ancient Verichrome 616 onto my aged reel is a task and unscrewing the lid off the developing tank leads to the moment of truth.

Grandma is snoozing on a loveseat and junior is playing with a cat. Someone's tossed a jacket over granny to keep her warm. The setting looks like a summer camp on a lake somewhere. Check out that rocking horse.

I'm not sure what's wrong with this photo. the window is out of kilter.

Granny seems to be floating around the cottage while she sleeps. Under granny you can see a man, a young boy and a baby seated on a couch. No doubt that's mom asking everyone what they want for lunch. The baby is looking right at her. The others are indifferent.

Granny before or after her floating episode. Junior wants to know where the hell the rocking horse went.

This slice of American life was cut at a different location than the ones above. The photographer saw that the scene had potential. Sunlight coming through the window and a beautiful child sitting on a couch. The room was too dark but the lady cutting the lawn was exposed pretty well.

Check out that big television set to the right.

The remainder of the frames were not printable. They were grossly underexposed or badly blurred. Still, the few useable exposures were well worth the effort required to give them life. Someone else's life but a life in which we see a little of ourselves.

Kodak Verichrome 616. In Accutol* 1:10 for 9 minutes.


*I ran out of HC110.