The "Foldex 20" by Pho-Tak
Woman smoking a cigarette while talking to another woman while two children stand near a trailer with traffic in my rear-view mirror.
I took this photo while driving to work one morning. There was a school bus stopped in front of me. The bus driver was waiting for the two little children on the left. This accounts for the traffic visible in my mirror. The lady smoking the cigarette neededone last lung-full before she called the children to board the bus. After the little darlings boarded she flipped her cigarette butt onto the street and walked toward the trailer park. I expect she was off to watch a little T.V.
I drive by this massive Oak nearly every day. I've photographed it a dozen times with cameras all the way up to my Toyo 4x5 and I can't seem to get "the picture." You know what I mean.
The Foldex 20 is typically unsharp but it takes interesting photographs. There's light fall off at the top and bottom of most (but not all) photographs. It's part of the charm and mystery of old cameras, I think.
Users manuals for old cameras always caution you never to take a photograph while facing the sun. To hell with that ! Lens flare and low contrast can be cool, right ? I was cautious though, note my position behind the tree.