The "Foldex 20" by Pho-Tak
I have a thing for Pho-Tak cameras. They're all built like battleships and this folder is no exception. This particular model was made from 1950-1953. The Foldex was manufactured until 1962. The newer ones (after 1953) have a metallic shutter face. Now there's some useless info for you. Actually there are four versions of the Foldex. If you're interested check McKeown's.
This beauty has a fixed iris, 86mm meniscus"Octar" lens. There's no shutter speed adjustment and no need to focus it. You'll find something in focus in your photograph, don't worry. There's plain glass over the shutter to protect its precision workings.
This camera came with a neat leather case that only had a small amount of duct tape holding it together.
Here are some Pho-Tak photos I took.