Lippische Camerafabrik - Barntrup, Germany c1952

Flexora, flexamus, flexorous. Remember those Latin declination things in high school ? Well, they've got nothing to do with The Flexora but it sounds like they do.

There are four Flexoras, a Flexo Richard and a Richard Reflex in the Lippische camera arsenal. There are also a few Rollops and an Optimet.

I'll bet everyone that ever used a Flexora tried to focus it by turning that knob on the left. But that doesn't focus a damn thing. It advances the film. You focus with the lever under the taking lens. This  setup provides the user
with an out of focus view of his fingers in the viewfinder. It also screws up film spacing.

The Flexora is typical of most Rollei "copies." It's made of light gauge steel and smelly vinyl covering.  It's a nice little TLR though.

The Flexora 1 has a coated, f4.5 Ennar taking lens. The later models had f3.5 Ennars or Ennagons. The Vario shutter in my fifty nine year old Flexora works perfectly.



Landlocked lighthouse - Sunderland, MA

Dining room window

Kitchen window

Arista EDU 400 in HC110(H) for 8.5 minutes