felica - 1957
West Germany
 There are two "common" versions of the camera, one is light grey and the other is black. There are red and gold versions too but they are far less common. They produce 6x6 negatives on 120 film and the camera weighs less than your hat.

Two shutter speeds and B. Zone focus. A built-in yellow filter and two iris openings. The camera is synched for flash.

Vredeborch made about ten cameras styled around the felica body. They're all very attractive. My favorite, which I don't have,
is "Bunny." It too, was available in red. I bet the red Bunny is awesome.
There's a photo of a Bunny HERE.

There was a time when even cheap cameras had style.

Who would hold their felica by that stupid strap ?

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Driftwood Animal

February 17 was a cloudy day at Quabbin. The wind took a rare break.

The north wind is a New Englander's companion in winter.

Icebound until spring.

APX 400 in HC110