Vredeborch "Felica"
The Felica is  basically a toy camera, but it's a classy toy camera. Just look at the details here. The simulated leather case has "Felica" embossed on it and the little symbol on the case is reflected on the lens cap and the camera front.  Hasselblad, eat your heart out.
Made in West Germany around 1957, The Felicia takes 6x6 shots on 120 film. It's has a semi-focussing lens and  three shutter speeds, 25, 75 and B.. It's a stamped metal camera and weighs a few ounces. It's hard to find and mine is in mint condition.

Like a toy camera the Felica produces random light leaks and vignetting which I enjoy greatly. But
unlike most toy cameras every now and then it acts like a real camera and produces a nice shot. The lens is contrasty and  "sharp" for a camera of this sort
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