The Felica by Vredeborch (Nordenham, Germany)

Vredeborch made some of the world's most handsome cheap cameras. You could look it up.

The Felica is of 1957 vintage. There are a number of variations of this camera. Again, you could look it up.

As I've said ad nauseum,  there was a time when style trickled down to even the crappiest of things.  It seems to me that people don't care about design anymore.

The Felica is a very small 120 camera. You can easily fit it into a jacket pocket. It's in my top ten favorite cameras.

I recently traveled to Lancaster, New Hampshire and brought Felica with me. Lancaster is a beautiful place.

It's usually terribly cold on Valentine's Day this far north, but I was rewarded with temperatures in the mid-forties.

Railroad Street

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