The Felica was made by Vredeborch in West Germany around 1957. There are two common versions of the camera, one is light grey and the other is black. There are red and gold versions too but they are far less common.
There are variations of The Felica including The Bunny, which was made mostly for distribution in India. Eventually all Bunny cameras were made in India. Bunny production ended sometime in the 1980's. Fascinating, isn't it ?

 The cameras produce 6x6 negatives on 120 film and weigh less than your hat.

Zone focus. Two shutter speeds, a couple of iris openings and a place for your flash round out this handsome little camera.

Rear information screen.

Windy. February 2013

Petersham, MA

- - - -

Hadley, MA

 - - - -

Harvard, MA

- - -
Film processed in HC110 (h) for eleven minutes.