The Felica and late October in New England

The Felica was made by Vredeborch in Germany around 1957. There are two common versions of the camera, one is light grey and the other is black. There are red and gold versions too but they are far less common. They produce 6x6 negatives on 120 film and weigh less than your hat.

Simple cameras like these are fun to use and they free you from the drudgery of the f-stop. Sure the Hasselblad and Rolleiflex are far more sophisticated but sharpness isn't everyting.

As October fades in New England, the landscape takes on a decided bleakness. Most colors are gone, save for the few trees that cling to the last glory of Autumn.

Snow and cold will soon move in for nearly six months and New Englanders dig in for the winter.



The leaves fall and expose what's beneath then. The grey sky casts an even, flat light and what few colors remain are muted.

The cheap camera seems a good tool for capturing these days of faded light.

Photos from winter 2006 - HERE


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