I was tired of not doing any good photography so I decided to take action and buy a camera for good photography.

All of my other cameras have sucky, unpolished lenses. I suppose that this is the key to good photography.

Although the Empire Scout is really just a toy camera, it is nonetheless a classy one. It's made mostly of metal and even the fake leather covering is of a high grade of fake leather. Check out that chrome plated shutter release and flash synch in the second photo.

Film advance is done by a lever which is very unusual for a cheap-o camera. The Empire Scout takes 6x6 exposures on 120 film. It's a sleek camera with nice looking lines. McKeown's  doesn't list a year of manufacture for this Honk Kong beauty.

Bright March sun

My son is going to a dance. I'm not. He's always delighted to pose with his colorful Dad.

Remnants of old farms are everywhere in western Massachusetts.

No fun left

An old rock sorting machine, stranded like a nightmare in the snow.

Agfa APX-100 in HC110B for eight minutes - MORE PHOTOS