I love 6x9 box cameras. They're as pedestrian as they come but are often nicely decorated. The Empire 120 has an art deco face and is as simple as your brother in law.

My Empire 120 has some rust around its eyes. No, actually it's patina. 
The shutter says "clunk" when it's released.


Cow Face

No matter where I am, people stop me and say, "Why do you use ASA 400 film in those old cameras ?" "Aren't the shutters too
slow for such a fast film ?"

I simply smile and tell them the following. You see, the lenses, if you can call them that, are wicked slow. I also reduce development time by as much as forty percent depending on the lighting of my subjects.

The barn in the photo above would have been badly underexposed with a slower film. The sky still holds some texture due to the reduced time in the developer.

These were shot on a gloomy day and even with "fast" film there are areas of underexposure.

The faster films give more shadow detail.

Arista EDU 400 in HC110(H)