Dick Tracy Camera - Seymore Products Co. Chicago, Illinois.

 Seymore Products Co. spelled its name "Seymore" and "Seymour." At first I found this fact sort of interesting, but after a few seconds I didn't really give a damn.

Other facts of fleeting interest:

There are three versions of the Dick Tracy, and.

There is a  "Brenda Starr" version that's worth a lot more than the DT.

There's a "Flash Master" version that's worth damn near nothing.

Dick Tracy's head was more cubical than any cartoon character in history and he used a two-way wrist radio.

Using the "Time" setting usually produces unrecognizable images.

Seymore, aka Seymour Products Co., led a brief and failed effort to replace red windows with green ones. It was a time of anti-communism and Seymore (Seymour) hoped to ride the patriotic tide to riches. Seymore (Seymour) also led an effort to have crosshairs in every camera viewfinder.

While these efforts might seem foolish at first, let me remind you that at one time people laughed at The Edsel and found four-track car tapes to be ridiculous.

  Tracy might have been a good P.I., but his camera kind of sucked.

A bathtub in the woods. Looks like a clue to me.


Note: Efke 100 film that sat in Dick's camera for about three years. Developer is unimportant, isn't it ?