Imperial Camera Co. c1964

 The embodiment of the cheap camera. The Deltex takes 127 film and weighs about three ounces.

If one font is good,  four fonts are better, right ?

You can attach the wrist strap to either the right, or left side. Depending on your orientation. That's not a miniature carousel slide projector on the right. It's the flashcube thing that plugs into the top of the camera.

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The Corvette seduction eluded me in my youth. Even today I find them only mildly interesting.  Latter year Corvettes like this one were simply boring.

Why waste a frame on such a crappy truck ? Lookit them half-assed wheels.

I couldn't resist running some modern film through The Deltex to see if the camera sucked as much as it appeared to suck.

Before the days of hydraulic digging equipment, if you cashed in your chips when the ground was frozen, you waited in a structure like this for the ground to thaw out.

Old photos - Verichrome Pan
New photos - Efke 100