I'm frequently described as "debonair." Other adjectives have been applied to me but they hurt my feelings so I 'll accept "debonair." It's nice to have a camera that fits my debonair lifestyle.

The very stylish Debonair would be the perfect camera for a clown.


Not much question about which way the knob turns or where the shutter button is. The camera needs a little squeeze horn and squirting flower to make it complete.

The eyelid style shade is a nice touch. It doesn't make much of a lens shade, however.

The camera came in brown, olive, maroon and black.  Many variations  were possible depending on  what was left in the extruder between color runs. This is the olive/brown tiger stripe version. It's much sought after by Debonair collectors.

The checkered motif is tastefully carried over to the camera back. The strap allows the user to carry the camera in a debonair, devil-may-care, manner.


Water Tower and Church (25a filter)

Why the long face ?

Shack on Sabin Street


 Around frame #8 the shutter began to act up. Surprising for a Herbert George camera.

Fingerprints, double exposure and shutter check.