The Dacora Daci Royal
Made in Germany around 1950. It has a focusing ring marked in meters around the taking lens. There's an "I" and a "T" lever. The shutter button is on the top of the camera.

The body is made of textured, light gauge sheet metal and is painted army green. The camera is very light and uses 120 film to produce 6x6 images.

I like the images this camera produces. They have an odd look about them. Random sharp areas appear in the prints most likely due to film flatness issues.

One of the things I enjoy about cheap old "classic" cameras is that each of them has its own personality. There are even variations in the same models.
All photos on Tri-X film in XTOL 1:3.
Retired steam engine - Palmer MA
Abandoned silos - Belchertown MA
Empty farm building - Belchertown MA