Crappy lenses

The lens "quality" debate has raged for as long as cameras have existed. I'm afraid I can't quantify the word when it's applied to lenses.

A friend recently gave me a weathered Sears camera with the above lens attached to it. The camera was frozen tighter than a bulls ass in black fly season. As you can see, the lens is near mint. The only problem was a slight tightness when focusing. I brought a pipe wrench with me to overcome the problem.

Door and Frame at Belchertown State School. f8

Rocker at Belchertown State School. f5.6

The State School buildings are off limits to the public. Doors and windows are boarded up or closed with cement blocks. This old rocker escaped before the door disappeared. It's sunning itself in the above photo.

There was a time, many, many years ago, that television transmissions arrived at your house via of an antenna on your  roof. Really, it's the truth.

Residences at Belchertown State School. f16.

The Meyer Domiplan is an economy triplet lens. I have no idea where I got it.

Railroad Crossing Shack at Belchertown State School. f16.

There was a time, many, many years ago, that a human being closed the gates at railroad crossings. Really, it's the truth.

Barn Door in Belchertown Center - f8.

Church Windows - Belchertown Center - f8

Church Details in Belchertown Center - f11

Arista 200