Kiev 4A (type 2) c1974 - 1980

As you can tell from the serial number on the lens, this is a very early type 2.  As you can tell from the photograph, it doesn't have its
original imitation leather covering. That's a new skin from

Selenium window open. The meter doesn't work of course.

The camera has a nice finish. It's heavy and the shutter is so quiet that sometimes I'm not sure if it fired.

The lens looks radioactive.

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  I grabbed the camera off the shelf last week after a long hiatus from photography.
When I went to load it I discovered that there was already a roll in it.  Most
of the roll was ruined but since there was still film in the canister, I shot the remainder.

 There have been many thunderstorms this year. The photo at left shows one moving into
Ware, Massachusetts on a hot August afternoon.  f8 or so.

Just before the rain. f 4

Sunset. North Quabbin. f8.

Queen Ann's Lace. January 2009. A found film of sorts.

Fuji 200