The Coronet Captain
I bought this camera because it has a green and red face and that's good enough reason for me. Colored faces on box cameras are very rare actually. This British camera has a closeup lens and a yellow filter. You engage these advanced features by pulling little levers on the side of the camera out. The Brits must have very strong fingernails. The shutter was frozen but a few drops of lighter fluid brought it back to life.

The Captain produces 6x9 negatives on 120 film
Mike Metras must have been one hell of a guy. By the way, I went to 350 Race Street but the building there was empty too. Holyoke MA.
Holyoke Mountain Range in fog. Belchertown MA
It sure looks like an entrance to me. Why would you put the CAR WASH sign over the exit ? Poor planning, plain and simple. Holyoke MA
Things must be tough at Reynolds Paper. Holyoke MA
Somebody should do a book about Drive-Ins like Cindy's in Granby MA. They're real dinosaurs. Garish and without the slightest intent of good taste, they are beautiful. Two cheeseburgers, some fries, a Coke and some soft serve strawberry ice cream. To hell with my cardiologist.
All photos on AgfaPan 400 in XTOL 1:3