Until last summer John B. lived down the street from me.
John was a well known canoe racer, designer and builder. A national champion, he raced all over the country.

I saw him everyday with a canoe lashed to the top of his little station wagon. Despite losing a lung to cancer decades ago, he canoed The Swift River nearly every day, year round, until he was 84.

In the summer of 2010 his wife passed away and John appeared less and less often. He passed away late last summer saying it was time to "turn the page."

John's workshop

John's design area

We always enjoyed paddling with your father on the Swift River. He shared his love of the sport with us. He took the time to pay special attention to our children, giving them little gifts.
 We met your mom, too. Such lovely people. Your dad was a true gentleman. We miss him on the river.

From a tribute to John

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