Coronet 66 - Coronet Camera Co. - Birmingham, England

The Coronet 66 is a handsome bakelite and steel camera. It has a robust shutter and it smells good.

The camera back is made of steel and those rivets have a purpose.

The film and take up spool both mount on the camera's back plate. It's a reverse pressure plate design. Very cool.

6x6 on 120 film.


I believe you can tell a lot about a person by what camera and film he or she likes to use.  While I certainly like "quality" cameras, I find that I  prefer junk cameras. They are so right for interpreting my vision of what's around me.

Maybe it's because of the influence of Diane Arbus or Weegee. Or maybe its because of my life experiences. Probably it's a combination of those things.

Every March there's a big parade in Holyoke, Massachusetts. It's known as "The Holyoke Saint Patrick's Day Parade." The police turn a blind eye to public drinking as a tribute to the Irish.

Holyoke is a crime ridden city. Once home to the paper industry, it's now a crumbling felony on the banks of The Connecticut River.

Apparently there were lots of Irish people living there once so the parade continues on. The parade is a big attraction, but when it's over just about everybody gets the hell outta town.

Parades are, in my opinion, bizarre spectacles. They frequently diverge from the main theme and become something that makes no sense. Perfect subjects for cheap cameras and confused photographers.


This year it was sunny and hot at the parade. This young man and the woman next to his elbow are albinos. They tried to hide in the shadow of the light pole on the left. As the three hour long parade progressed and the sun moved west, they followed the pitiful shadow of the pole. If I'd had a spare hat or a pair of sunglasses, I'd have made an attempt to ease their agonized squint.

Eventually the urge for cotton candy overpowered the young man. As the child with the toy assault rifle riddled the hefty thighed paraders with imaginary bullets, he ate his spun sugar in the shadow of the light pole.

Cotton candy vendor.

Chicopee marchers

Brightly dressed dancing men with no connection to Ireland.

No explanation was offered.

I think Ronald McDonald sucks. Here he is waving at me because he thinks I like him and the junk he represents. Right after I tripped the shutter on the old Coronet I shouted, "Up yours Ronald !" I think he heard me because he glanced back over his shoulder as his van pulled away.
I was hoping he'd jump down out of that stupid van. I'd like to kick his ass.

Drunk in a inflated leprechaun suit.