Coronet 1220 "Colour Filter Model" c1950

There's no Coronet 1220 "Non Colour Filter Model" so I don't know what the hell
Coronet was trying to do with this box.

The filter is colored (coloured) green. Apparently that's not a good colour for portraits.

This is a portrait of me. It was taken with the colour filter engaged.
This defeats the "not good for portraits" theory. I'm
painfully good looking here.

I didn't use DUFAY film for the photos on this webpage. If I had, results would have
been better.

There's a big, colourful chunk of solid foam glued to the shutter side of
the 1220. It's an early example of recycling I bet.

Shutter - Filter - Time

The 1220 has "DIST" and "NEAR" settings. Here, the camera is set at "DEAR."


During the summer there's a bird bath perched on the above pedestal. Like all
New Englanders, I put a sixteen pound bowling ball on it in the winter.
Had I used DUFAY film you'd be able to read my name
which is engraved into the ball, just above the top two finger holes.

The black blob at top right is one of my fingers.

Stoic Flamingoes. Leaning bird feeder. Wood pile.

Arista 200 in HC110 (H)