CORINA by Druopta - Prague, Czechoslovakia

This is one solid toy camera and it's loaded with features you won't find on your average toy. Three shutter speeds and B. Two lens openings. One for taking pictures of clouds and one for taking pictures of the sun. Zone focus settings for taking closeups of people with no arms. A setting for a group of armless people of various heights. And a setting for pictures of a house, tree and crosses in front of a mountain with the sun behind it. It also has a flash synch for  studio work and a neat braided wrist strap for carefree days in Prague. You can also use it  as a standard camera strap if you have a really small head and enjoy being strangled.

The Corina takes 120 film. 620 fits too but nobody has any so I don't know why I bothered to tell you that. I think the Corina is a very pretty camera.

Corina's backside. Check out that fancy viewfinder. Slovaks must have really small eyes.

Corina with her high beams on. You need a coin to open the back. I suggest a gold Ducat but a penny works too.

The film advance knob is on the bottom of the camera. Unless you think of the bottom of the camera as the top of the camera. It really doesn't matter when shooting 6x6, now does it ? That's a tripod mount hole to the left.

Technical problems reduced a roll of 120 film to only four images. High quality cameras like the Corina are very sensitive to minute changes in air temperature, barometric pressure and ham-fisted film loading. I'll do better next time.

I dodged honking cars to take this forgettable photograph. There's something about pissing people off while taking a photograph of a barn in Granby, Massachusetts with a junk camera from Prague that's satisfying to me.

Just to the right, out of the frame, my wife is seated in her car. She'd just bought me a couple of cigars.

Meeting House in New Salem, MA

Rolleiflex on Ice at Quabbin Reservoir - Gate 22
APX 400 in HC110(b)