Contax IIIa
1950 - 1961

Elegance in design is a thing of the past when it comes to camera manufacturing. Today's cameras exist in all-in-one devices or in shiny metal boxes about the size of a package of Marlboros.

Digital SLR's all look pretty much the same. They are overpriced, feature laden and boring. Yes, my digital SLR fits the description. I use it mostly to take photos of my film cameras.

The Contax IIIa is a beautiful camera. It's simple, rugged and quiet.  It gets the job done with style.

I recently attended a house party and there was a young man there taking pictures of the person of honor.  When he took a picture, his digital SLR made the sound that motorized film winders make in film cameras, only louder. Later he explained that he'd taken over three hundred pictures and still had room for over a thousand more ! I was going to suggest he take pictures of his lower-digestive system but I didn't.

Digital camera have seriously impacted the quality of photographs in a negative way. Much like McDonald's has impacted the hamburger.
More isn't better, in fact it's worse. Nobody has time nor the inclination to look at three hundred photographs of anything.

Anyway, I'm old and I'll be out of the way soon. People want what they want.

When asked about what he thought about "today's music" Pete Townsend said his opinion was unimportant. He said he was old and it was time for him to get the fuck out of the way.

I hear ya' Pete.

Abandoned farm house - Concord, Massachusetts

Above - Tri-X in HC110(H)

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Above - TMAX at 160  in Perceptol 1:3

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