The "A" preceding the numbers indicates that this IIIA was made between April of 1953 and October 1953. That would make it about fifty eight years old.

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For some unknown reason I recently recalled an article I read somewhere about Perceptol developer and Kodak T-Max film.  Perceptol is a solvent developer and as such it should not be a good choice for perceived
sharpness. Diluting Perceptol inhibits its solvency and allows "edge effects" to remain in the negative.

I found some unopened Perceptol and put a roll of T-Max 400 in the Contax pictured above.

I rated the T-Max at ASA 160 and shot the roll in bright sunlight. The Perceptol was diluted 1:3 and developed for fourteen minutes.

Special thanks to Tony Lockerbie for the deal on the Sonnar.

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The subjects all had long tonal scales and I think the film/developer combination handled them well.

The shadow detail is good and although the highlights are very bright, they show detail and texture.

Photo by E.F.G.