Ansco  COLOR CLIPPER  40's and 50's

The Clipper is 99% metal and well made. It takes 6x6 images on 120 film.

It has a collapsing front. Double exposure prevention and flash synch.

The bright red shutter button is reminiscent of the one on The Anscoflex.

The lens is coated and zone focuses. The "color/b&w switch" simply switches between two iris openings.

Metal Roofed Barn - Hadley MA

There are still a number of working farms in Hadley. I shot this barn in bright sunlight and held a yellow filter over the lens.

Church - Brimfield MA

Yellow filter. Bright sun.

Grange Hall - Ware MA

The Rex Lounge - Chicopee MA

"Best Karaoke." That's contradiction in terms. An oxymoron. Like, "most pleasant toothache, " or "happiest depression."

The ceiling in The Rex Lounge is painted bright red and you can get a pitcher of Bud Light for $6.50.

  Abandoned Rail Line - Chicopee MA

I grew up near railroad tracks. The railroads were active then. I used to walk the tracks next to The Middlesex Canal, carrying my fishin' stuff. The coal cinders crunched beneath my feet and the tar-soaked ties stuck to my sneakers. Whenever I walk old railroad lines I feel terribly nostalgic.

 These old crossing lights have been dark for decades. They sit at the edge of a busy road and no one sees them anymore.

The shape of the shades over the lights reminds me of a baseball hat or maybe a duck's bill. Railroad crossing lights are universal in America. They look the same in Buxton Maine as they do in Tucson Arizona.

Arista EDU in HC110(b) for six minutes.