1958 - 1970

Jeeze, 1970 doesn't seem that long ago to me.

There is a Click without the "1" and it's identical the Click 1 except it was made in France and is marked so on the bottom.

The Clicks use 120 film and make 6x6 cm images. They're well made as far as junky cameras go and their shutters make a really cool sound.  More of a "thunk" than a click but naming a camera "Thunk," didn't sound like a good idea I guess. Idiot collectors like me would covet "Thunks" today.

The Clicks have a couple of iris opening weather symbols and a built in yellow filter for those dramatic German and French skies.

Like many cameras, Clicks have a back that's located behind the front.

Today's mega-buck digital cameras don't come with cases. The really goods ones don't come with lenses, either.

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West Brookfield, MA

I've never as many pine cones on the ground as I've seen this late winter.

Photos by E.F.G.

Windmill. Brimfield, MA

Arista EDU 400 in HC110(h)