Official Spy Camera

Every now and then design and
function merge to create something
memorable. Most often, however,
they don't.

Churchie's was a fast food chain
that no longer exists. Their logo
featured an obese chef wearing
a sliced mushroom on his head.

I applaud Churchie's for their
truth in advertising effort.
Ronald McDonald and The Burger
King do not accurately depict
the effects of eating the
junk they serve to the world.

Only Official Spy Cameras feature
this logo. As with Leicas, beware
of fakes. The wrist strap matches
the box. I find that to be a nice

The blue button is excellent counterpoint to the general
yellow and black theme. The camera uses 127 film and
produces 16 exposures per roll.

During The Cold War, The KGB bought thousands of Churchie's Spy Cameras. Many historians
point to this blunder as the key factor in the fall of The Soviet Union.

Efke 100 in HC110 (H) for eight minutes.