If you grew up in the 50's and 60's in The U.S., you probably associate the word "chiquita" with bananas. That's the purpose of advertising, and the irritating jingle, "I'm Chiquita Banana," sure did what it was supposed to do.

The camera (camara) is really a Brownie Bullet with a Spanish faceplate. There were also Chiquitas with English faceplates. Odd, isn't it ?



There were two types of Chiquita Banana ladies. One was sappily happy. The other was on the slutty side.

The suggestive curve and inviting wink ? Is there something about bananas I don't know ?

This is the happy Chiquita Banana lady. Is there a connection between loose morals and happiness ?

 Disturbing innuendos. A banana pie and a buck-toothed simpleton.

I don't know.

Camera and naked Chiquita Banana.

Lone Birch on Quabbin Mountain

Pine on Quabbin Mountain

Lookout Tower on Quabbin Mountain

Windy Bench

Spillway at Quabbin Reservoir - 2006

Construction of Spillway at Quabbin Reservoir. Late 1930's. From an old photograph

Thanks to cenelson for sending me an ancient roll of 127 film used to take these photos.