Graflex Century 35 A -  c1959

The Century 35A was built by Kowa Optical works for Graflex. It's a zone focus camera equipped with a coated lens.
The film is advanced by a lever mounted below the lens. It takes two strokes to move to the next frame. Top shutter speed is 1/300 sec.

The camera is nice finished. Its light weight is deceptive as this is a quality "cheap"camera.

The button below the shutter release disengages the film advance mechanics for rewinding. The back comes off for film loading.

An honest to goodness, spring loaded pressure plate.

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Front door and side door to Pelham Town Hall - Pelham MA

Mid May is lilac time in Massachusetts. They are very fragrant this year. I look forward  them every spring.

Church door - Pelham MA

Old wood and purple lilacs.

Lilacs come in many shades of pink, purple and white. The deepest purple ones remind me
of the grape popsicles I ate as a kid.

Something about the above photo reminds me of color photographs from the 1950's.

May sunlight bounces off the lush green landscape and tinges things in its way.

Looking east at 1600 hours.

Cameras capture the most fleeting of moments and memories.  Memories are not clear.
They are blurred by time and circumstances.

Arista 200. Most shots at f8 - f11.