Canon TL QL

Simple and Rugged

All photos taken with the 35mm lens pictured in photos 1 and 2 above unless otherwise noted.

Spillway at Quabbin Reservoir (Red filter)

 Quabbin is full. That's good news for fishermen and Bostonians.

Shack on Sabin Street

Chicken wire and wood in full sunlight.

Quabbin Cemetery


The ground is slowly falling away from many of the old grave sites.

Early April Shadows

April shadows shorten and the month progresses. I like April shadows
more than November shadows.

f 1.8 Canon FL 50mm lens

f 1.8 Canon FL 50mm lens

Photo by EFG

Kodak Plus - X at ASA 125 in HC110(H)
Arista 200 color