Canon F-1

When cameras were made of metal and weighed more than your hat, the F-1 was Canon's flagship camera.
It was designed for professional use and had an impressive array of accessories.

It was, and still is, workhorse. A tool to be used and used again.

  A late April heat wave caused the trees to explode into foliage this year. Overnight,  the dominant
color changed from brown to green. We New Englanders get used to a change of season very
quickly but we're still shocked when they change abruptly.

One of my favorite books is Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. I have
a very old copy that features a painting of  a green field dotted with
dandelions on the dust jacket.
Every time I see a scene like the one above, I think of that book
and painting.

  Ferns uncoil and will soon cover large areas in bright green. 



Kodak Gold 200

Canon 20, 35 and 50mm FD lenses