Canon F-1

In the old days, The F-1 was out of reach for me. It was a professional's camera. Far too pricey for a hacker like me.
The F-1 can be had for a couple of hundred bucks now. Thanks to the digital revolution.
Canon's current top of the line camera body will set you back about seven thousand dollars.  You still need to buy a lens
because they don't work without a lens.

Canon f2 35mm FD

Same as above


Frozen waterfalls - Holland Glenn, Belchertown, MA

Wide angle lenses can present difficult situations to a photographer. This shot, and others that follow
were taken in a dense pine forest. The low sun was brilliant at 1300 hours.

Bessa L with 12mm Heliar *

Canon f2 35mm FD

Fear of falling
Canon f2 35mm FD

Bessa L and 12mm Heliar

So if it's 1/60 at f5.6 then 1/15 should be......

Empty most of the time

Fall. A few years ago.

Canon 50mm f1.4 FD

Canon 100mm something or other. 2007.

300 mm f5.6

300 mm f5.6

As above



Wyman School. Where my education began.

Somebody else lives here now.