Canon F-1 with "chrome nosed" 1.4 50

Skunk Cabbage

Winter is long in western Massachusetts and I start to look for signs of spring in early March. One of those early signs is the emergence of Skunk Cabbage. This plant produces its own heat and can be seen poking through the snow in March.

Skunk Cabbage grows rapidly. It produces huge leaves that look like they belong in a tropical jungle. By late April they create their own shade, keeping the roots cool. The broken stems smell like skunk.

Time, and relentless gravity effect all things in the same way. Eventually everything sags and tilts. A new layer of shingles can't hide the effects of time on my father-in-law's aging shed. You can't shine a sneaker.

There's way too much brilliant color in the world we've created. Garish neon, golden arches, high defintion TV. Subtle colors calm the over-stimulated brain. I'm all for that.

Aritsta 200.